Spring 2016 is just around the corner in St. Charles, Missouri and St. Louis, Missouri

Here we are in the dead of winter so who is thinking about spring? Your St. Charles, Missouri electricians at Grasser Electric have been thinking about spring already.
Even before the “big box” stores start displaying their patio furniture and bar-b-que grills for the new season, your St. Charles Electricians at Grasser Electric are getting ready for the severe weather season.
If you have been considering options for stand by power in your home when the storms start to rumble through our area, NOW is the time to make plans and talk to your Kohler Generator experts at Grasser Electric. Whether you go with very minimal power coverage or want to keep your entire house powered during a storm related power failure, your St. Charles electricians at Grasser Electric have the perfect solution for your needs and your budget.
We have teamed up with Kohler Generators to provide the industry’s best products, built in the USA. Take advantage of pre storm season specials and call your St. Charles generator specialists today and keep the lights on while your neighbors sit in the dark.