Spring Electrical Safety Tips

Spring is here at that means the start of spring cleaning and getting your home and property back into shape. But before you do, there are several spring electrical safety tips you need to remember for the safety of you, your property, and others around you.

Keep Cords & Electrics Away From Water

It sounds like a tip that you would think everyone would follow, but you’d be surprised at how much damage just a little bit of electricity can do. According to OSHA, 5 workers are electrocuted each week while on the job. So when working outside and even your home, make sure that all electrics are dry and away from water. If a cord is in water, do not touch or attempt to move it until the power has been turned off.

This also means no electric mowers on wet grass!

Stay Away From Power Lines.

Power lines are extremely dangerous. That means keeping you, your family, tools, and toys like kites away from them whether they be up or downed because of a storm. If a power line has been downed, call the appropriate electric company immediately and keep everyone away. Do not even drive over it.

Inspect Electrics For Damage

Before you use electrical tools, use outlets you haven’t used all winter, or getting out cords, check them for damage before you use them. If they are broken, are discolored, or have frayed wires, pitch them at get new ones. This includes checking your fuse box to make sure the fuses haven’t become discolored or melted and replacing those fuses.

Know How To Handle An Emergency

Electrical emergencies like a days-long outage, electric shock, and electrical fires are something no one wants to deal with, but should be prepared for regardless. For example, if someone experiences electric shock, you should immediately call 911 and turn off the power, if possible. Knowing what to do could save a life while protecting yourself.

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